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HI, MY NAME IS ELOISE BROUWER. I'M 49 YEARS OLD, LIVING IN THE NETHERLANDS, helping people all over the world to build residual income.

I started this business in july 2000 when I was having a hard time finding a new job. I had and still have some health issues and besides that, I was alreay to expensive (to old) for most employers. So after months and months doing every thing I could to find a new job I was getting desperate. It was then when this opportunity crossed my path. And I'm so thankful it did. My life changed for the better since then!

The first thing that got my attention was, that with this opportunity, I had a chance to earn a residual income AND leverage my time. When you work for a employer or as a freelancer, you are trading your time for money. And as long as you do that, you have to work to make money and your income potential is limited. Because if you want to make more money, you have to put in more hours or... if you want more free time, it will cost you money. If you can leverage your time in combination with a residual based income, you can achieve total freedom with no limitations on how much money you can make. And THAT got my attention.

After all those years, I still get paid on customers that I acquired 18 years ago. And that took me about 15 minutes of work. Think about it!! That are 213 monthly payments for 15 minutes of work!

It's with great pleasure that I help people to start with this business and teach them everything I know to help them achieve the lifestyle they are after.

So..... are you interested in making more money? To have more freedom in your life? Do you love to help people? Then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for!